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1. Q:
Where can I buy your products?
Our products are carried by many of the finest retailers in North America and throughout the world. Visit our Online Store for the widest selection and lowest prices.
2. Q:
What is the maximum weight a chair can hold?
The weight capacities of our chairs vary with most having a maximum capacity of at least 225lbs. Note that a label indicating weight capacity is attached to each of our products.
3. Q:
What are your chairs made of?
Our chairs are manufactured from virgin and top grade aluminum and steel tubing and highly durable and weather resistant Polyester seat covers.
4. Q.
How can I clean my chair?
Wash your chairs with mild soap and water. If used at the beach in salt air, please wash and allow to dry prior to storing.
5. Q:
What is the difference between Steel and Aluminum frame?
Steel offers the advantages of being more durable and affordable, while aluminum is lighter weight and rust resistant.
6. Q:
What is powder coating?
Powder coating is a process whereby an electro-statically charged powder or paint is applied to the tube exterior and then "baked" at extreme temperatures to assure an even, durable and aesthetic tube finish.
7. Q:
Do your products carry a warranty?
All of our products are covered by our standard warranty. Please click Product Warranty for more detailed information.
8. Q:
What is your return policy?
Please click Return Policy for information concerning our return policies.
9. Q:
Can I request for replacement parts?
We maintain an extensive inventory of spare parts. Please click here for more detailed information