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Customer Testimonials

See what our customers have to say about our products and service:

September 2017 via eBay
Better than Amazon! HSN! QVC!

August 2017 via e-mail
I have had a Commander folding chair for 10 years and it has been the best chair for camping that i have ever seen. Whenever I am out camping with friends and I get up to do something, when I return someone is in my chair!

July 2017 via eBay
these are the most comfortable folding chair ever! also well made

June 2017 via Bizrate
Absolutely love the chair I have ordered...I will be ordering another, along with a wagon.

June 2017 via e-mail
I started searching for solutions to my beach struggles, and I found Mac Sports! Actually, several friends recommended your beach wagons...and I was thrilled to finally find a product that would allow me to go to the beach with my kids without all the hassle! I can't wait to make this the summer we finally conquer the beach without all the blood, sweat and tears!

April 2017 via Bizrate
I am obsessed with folding chairs from MAC Sports. They are the best available folding chairs...

April 2017 via e-mail
I have to say, your Customer Service is EXCELLENT! Such great and fast service and help! I do love all the Origami products I have purchased (and I have a lot!). I tell people that I'd wear Origami if it were socially acceptable! Thank you again for all your help!

March 2017 via Bizrate
Enjoyed the online purchase. Very easy to complete

March 2017 via eBay
Fast shipping good product and very good customer care.

February 2017 via Bizrate
The seat cane is outstanding and superior to any other designs I have seen. I use it every day on my walks.

January 2017 via eBay
EXACTLY as promised. YUP, I LOVE IT. (I sound like commercial, but it's GREAT.)

January 2017 via Bizrate
love these chairs, have purchased 10 of these chairs in the past and will continue the purchase of these chairs in the future.

November 2016 via eBay
They always Deliver on time thanks !!!

October 2016 via e-mail
Thank you for all your help and standing behind your product.

October 2016 via eBay
Love, love, love the origami shelf unit! Thank you for the very fast shipping.

August 2016 via e-mail
Thank you for your so professional service[...]They are spectacular for being in Bergeronnes near Tadoussac Quebec watching the whales around a campfire on the cliff. They are fabulous anywhere.

July 2016 via eBay
Got some 4+ yrs ago and they still work well!! Needed a 2nd set!! AAA+++!!

July 2016 via e-mail
Thank you for your prompt response and on a weekend too!

January 2016 via eBay
Wow your awesome received early and exactly what I was looking for

October 2015 via eBay
VERY good quality & very quick delivery! Love it!!

August 2015 via eBay
Quick shipper!Excellent communication and stands behind what they sell. A+++

July 2015 via eBay
Expecations were above and beyond with Shipping and quality. Delivered on Sat :)

May 2015 via eBay
Item better than I expected. Sturdy, well made... Great item! I'm ordering more

March 2015 via eBay
Such a smooth and reasonable transaction I was surprised it got to me so fast!

May 2014 via e-mail
It is a pleasure dealing with great customer service.

October 2013 via eBay
Awesome seller! This is the way eBay should work, great product,fast shipping

July 2013 via eBay
Thank you so much! Any way I can give you additional feedback or props at all? Because you seriously have the best customer service I've experienced on Ebay! Thanks again!

April 2013 via eBay
High quality product, great price & fast delivery! Use this seller! A+

February 2013 via Amazon
Due to no fault of the seller, this product was not what I expected. Seller worked with me to create total customer satisfaction. Customer service was outstanding!

January 2013 via eBay
I appreciate the great service. This is why I like Ebay, because of EBAYERS like you. You are the cream of the crop!!!!! ...Again, it is so nice to deal with the BEST. I will be leaving you positive feedback and I hope you will do the same for me. Thanking you in advance.

December 2012 via eBay
Great item and seller! Excellent to work with, will certainly return.

December 2012 via eBay
Wonderful Seller! Great Price! Fabulous Customer Care! Awesome Transaction!

September 2012 via eBay
An absolute joy to do business with. Excellent communication and product! A+++

September 2012 via e-mail
If there is a site where I can offer a favorable review, I will be happy to do so. Your service is unbelievable. I am overwhelmed and appreciate it greatly.

September 2012 via Amazon
This arrived in perfect condition as fast as anything I've ever received. It was nuts. I sent it to my son in his dorm and he got it probably in 3 days. The chair itself was great too. My son texted me when it arrived: "Well this chair kicks ***. Thanks Mom!"

August 2012 via e-mail
The chair has arrived and is perfect! Thanks so much for your help - you've been very pleasant to deal with and have given great service.

August 2012 via eBay
I just wanted to thank you for my chair and ottoman, and quick and free shipping! I was really sad the only place where I knew to get ottomans like that quit selling them, and I found them in your store and was super excited! It's even better than the kind I found long ago (very cushy and comfy), so just wanted to thank you for your wonderful customer service and free shipping. I left you great feedback, but felt that wasn't quite enough since you didn't charge me to ship those huge things, just wanted to send a quick, additional thanks!

June 2012 via eMail
I love your products! My wife and I bought a couple of your heavy duty chairs five years ago. Loaded them on top of our luggage rack on our new Burgman 650 scooter and took them on a trip from Canada to Mexico riding along the coast o Hy 1 and stopping where ever we wanted to relax and see the view. What a trip that was and we loved our chairs. We recently bought two more and love them. They are the best chairs I have ever purchased. Thanks for making such a great products!

May 2012 via Website

April 2012 via e-mail
Your Armrest Sand Seats are the best beach chairs my wife and I have ever had. You should try and market them at retail stores as the "Best Beach Chair Around!" We can only find them on your website.

April 2012 via e-mail
I just wanted to let you know that each product of yours is so well designed and crafted that owning and using each new item further ensures my future loyalty to your brand! Thanks for all you do for all of us! :)

January 2012 via e-mail
Itís really hard for me to believe that in this day and age a company, any company would send me replacement parts FREE, including FREE shipping after my own carelessness. If under warranty and was defective, that would be one thing. But to send me free replacement parts - no questions asked, after my own mistake, well thatís quite another. You can be sure Iím going to be an avid customer from now on and will go out of my way to let my friends, neighbors and relatives know just how outstanding customer service your company provides.

January 2012 via e-mail
If everyone involved in the customer service world was as quick and kind as you, the world would be a better place:)

December 2011 via eBay
EXACTLY WHAT WE WANTED! THANKS! Great Chairs here Everyone! Good Seller! A Plus!

December 2011 via e-mail
Thank you so very much for your help last Wednesday, 12-21-2011. We did indeed receive the replacement chair on Friday as promised. I sincerely appreciate your help and service, certainly beyond anything I expected! Happy New Year!

December 2011 via e-mail
I have been meaning to write to thank you for your courteous, prompt, and thorough response to my request for warranty coverage on our chairs. I was delighted with how completely and quickly the chairs were replaced...My only regret is that after your terrific service, I was not quicker to acknowledge it. Thank You!

November 2011 via eBay
This seller follows up for customer satisfaction. I have added them to my favs

November 2011 via e-mail
Thank you for such a quick response, and for wonderful customer service. I haven't been a MacSport customer until now, but I am impressed with how you've handled my product concern. I will definitely keep Mac Sport and its products in mind as I look to purchase other items in the future.

October 2011 via eBay
Superior seller. Fastest shipping. Excellent communication.

October 2011 via e-mail
SUCCESS!...We were absolutely overjoyed when we unpacked the box and spread the first chair open...I can tell you that I will happily refer anyone who asks about this chair (and the double chair with canopies that we purchased previously) to Mac Sports and let them know about the service we have received from you. Again, my thanks to you for your time and patience and your invaluable efforts when it came to one customer and my need to replace our essential, all purpose, unique double chair! You Rock!

October 2011 via e-mail
I just want to say, "Thank You" for such a speedy delivery. I ordered two chairs on 10/25, am, and they were delivered on 10/28, pm, in Texas. It is so nice to deal with a company with such good customer service. Again "Thank You" and I will tell all my friends.

October 2011 via e-mail
Thank you for the note and the EXCELLENT customer service (very speedy, very responsive). I plan to share my experience with anyone who asks where I got this comfortable chair from. You may not know but truly comfortable outdoor chairs are RARE and Ive already gotten inquiries! Thank you again.

September 2011 via eBay
Wonderful Product and great people to buy from Satisfaction guaranteed!!!!!!

September 2011 via e-mail
Thank you so much. We're very pleased with our purchase and it's gratifying to find that the Company is the same high quality as its products.

September 2011 via Website
Quality materials used in the manufacturing of this chair.Want to say Thanks to Mac Sports for great service and a quality product!!!!

August 2011 via eBay
AWESOME Product! FAAAST SHIPPING! Great Transaction! Thank You!

August 2011 via e-mail
I just wanted to tell you, that your chairs are great. I bought three in 2008 and used them on 5 or 6 rock festivals while camping and the are still in perfect shape. I have seen meny other chairs "die" in two days of use. But yours are GREAT. Thanks for building them :)

August 2011 via Facebook
Dear friends, I've had a rocking folding camp chair for at least five years. It has shown no wear until this weekend. A crucial piece broke and I nearly threw the chair away. Decided to see if I could find replacement parts online. Sure enough. On MacSports website under customer service, I quickly found the exact part and then got an unexpected surprise: NO CHARGE! Definately a customer for life. Thanks, Mac!

July 2011 via eBay
Thank you- you have made this an easy experience and I am most impressed with your customer service.Thanks for the follow-up.

July 2011 via e-mail
Thanks for your great service and standing behind your products. It's very nice to deal with great company.

July 2011 via Facebook
hey guys got one of your quick set up tents a few months ago and i gotta say its been a vary nice home for the past few months while ive been traveling thanks for making it :)

June 2011 via e-mail
It is such a delight to deal with a business that provides replacement parts for products gracefully at no expense. Thank you!

June 2011 via Website
My sweetheart has had the same two Mac chairs for YEARS! He's so smug when he says the chairs have lasted way longer than the wife who gave them to him. Have you ever asked folks to brag about their chairs? My chair is so tough...How tough is it? Or how about Frankenchair?

May 2011 via eBay
Thank you for your help. You guys are awesome! I will make sure I give you guys a great review on eBay. Thanks again for your help and superb professionalism!

May 2011 via Mail
From past experiences I've had with excellent companies such as yours, your warranties and replacement policies are excellent, and what can I say but thanks again. I know in the future that I would purchase your products without hesitation.

January 2011 via eBay
As before, it was a pleasure doing business with you.

December 2010 via eBay
I am so pleased with your service...I will speak very highly of your company. You have been great to work with.

November 2010 via eBay
thanks again for all info you will be receiving such incredible feedback!! us English could learn alot about customer care from you guys.

September 2010 via eBay
Thank you very much. I wish I could leave you feedback only for this GREAT communication!!!! I wish you all the best!!!! Thank again!

July 2010 via Mail
Thank you so very much for your prompt reply to my request...Thank you for being a company who takes care of its customers.

July 2010 via Website
Your products are wonderful and easy to find replacements parts using the website diagrams.

May 2010 via Mail
I wanted to thank you for your prompt response and excellent customer service!

May 2010 via Website
Every camp out we go to, our chairs are the ones everyone tries to sit in. My family has become the Chair Snobs that we have to kick others out of these chairs. We have promoted these chairs to our camping club for over 5 years. When we are at a sporting store and we over hear patrons deciding on folding chairs, we always mention this web site and tell them about the Commander chairs. In fact I gave your web site to 2 other families just this morning. They loved our chairs that they tried out this weekend on our camping trip.

April 2010 via Website
Without a doubt you guys have the most comfortable folding chair. The best being the suspension chair...Anyways you guys rock. Please keep up the good work. The company has the best folding chairs out there.

April 2010 via Website
My wife and I are members of a mounted drill team. We travel every weekend from May to Nov. with our horses and tailgate after every event. Your chairs and tables make it a pleasure.

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