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Mac Automotive & Mac Sports Canopy Accessories

When an item is incomplete or missing parts become an issue, replacement shouldn’t be a complicated task. Searching for those smaller components and/or additions to Mac Sports canopies is now as simple as a click and purchase. Here you’ll find a selection of Mac Sports canopy attachments and accessories for the improvement or replacement of our products.

Browse all items on this page to significantly boost or improve the performance of Mac Sports products. Our canopies are a popular item for those looking to shelter cars or motorcycles, or for outdoor events like weddings, parties and assorted social gatherings. And now we’ve made it even easier to maintain upkeep for those canopies thanks to this selection of parts and additions like cords, sockets, anchor kits and replacement walls. Plus, for those searching for Mac Automotive canopy parts or additions from previous merchandise lines, we’re fully stocked with products for earlier models that are no longer offered. Simply match the model # (for example, “MAC-GAR04”) with the accessory. Shop with Mac Sports today and enjoy FREE shipping on all items!

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Plastic Base Socket Plastic Base Socket

Item # PART-F004

  • Plastic Base Sockets for MAC-GAR04, MAC-GAR04B, MAC-TENT04 and MAC-TENT04-U
  • This part comes by piece not by set

    Our Price: $9.99
    Sale Price: $2.99
    You save $7.00!
  • Bungee  Cords (set of 24 pcs) for Canopy Top Bungee Cords (set of 24 pcs) for Canopy Top

    Item # PART-B005

  • Set of 24 bungee cords
  • Compatible with most temporary shelters
  • Designed for use with MAC-GAR04, MAC-GAR04B, MAC-GAR10, MAC-TENT04 and MAC-TENT04-U
  • Attaches shelter frame to canopy top; sold separately here
  • Set-Up Instructions

    Our Price: $21.99
    Sale Price: $5.99
    You save $16.00!
  • Canopy Sand Bag Anchor Kit Canopy Sand Bag Anchor Kit - Set of 6 Tent Pole Weights

    Item #: MAC-BAGKIT10

  • Made of durable 600D polyester fabric
  • Fill with sand and wrap around each canopy leg
  • Sandbags withstand loads of up to 40lb each
  • Sold in sets of six to accommodate any size tent
  • Including 6 clamps to secure your anchor to the pole
  • *Canopy not included
  • Our Price: $44.99
    Sale Price: $27.99
    You save $17.00!